Heavy equipment such as Wheel Loaders, Bull Dozers and other industry equipment used in the pulp and paper or pellet manufacturing has long been at risk for fire damage caused by flammable materials such as wood chips, bark dust, and hydraulic fluids as it builds up around the exhaust system. Equipment loss is a concern, but so is fire-damage to surrounding property. City busses run long shifts and depend on an engine that will not quit for any reason. A ruptured fuel line can set the engine compartment ablaze and put a municipal transit vehicle out of commission for a very long time. Taking steps to eliminating heat-related problems before they occur is a wise choice. Many of the newer semi-trucks use a regeneration system which tends to run at extremely high temperatures running the risk of melting or burning electrical cables, fuel lines, and possibly even the actual cab.
BSTFLEX Removable Insulation Blanket reduce radiant surface temperatures by as much as 80%. This means your electrical cables, fuel lines, oil lines and other engine components will last longer by reducing heat soak. That also means a safer and more dependable environment for your employees and equipment. A wrapped exhaust system helps to guide heat out the tail pipe as the engine was designed …and not soak into the engine compartment. BSTFLEX Removable Insulation Blanket also help the catalytic converter reach the elevated temperatures necessary to effectively burn pollutants. Whether it's Diesel or Natural Gas powered engines, boilers, steam valves or other industrial equipment BSTFLEX can help you achieve your quest of safety and efficiency.