Texturized Fiberglass Sleeve is made of texturized fiberglass yarn by tubular braiding equipment. They are extremely elastic and flexible and capable of operating at a continuous temperature of 540° C degrees. Their excellent insulation capabilities make them a good choice as economical hose and cable protection.
Used as cable and wire insulation, hose covering, protection for hydraulic and electrical cable, gasketing, thermal insulation for tubes and pipes.
Texturized Fiberglass Sleeve withstands continuous exposure to temperatures of 1000°F, is resistant to common industrial fluids and chemicals, and is a completely asbestos-free, non-hazardous insulation sleeve. Texturized Fiberglass Sleeve is used as a standalone insulating sleeve, layered within an assembly , and used as a primary insulation layer beneath Firesleeve.
Texturized Fiberglass Sleeve is available to be coated with silicone or other rubber.