14 oz Aluminized aramid cloth is made of aramid fibers with fiberglass support and then laminated on one side with a special aluminized polyester film making it the ideal cloth for heat resistant safety clothing. Our aluminized aramid fabric is as attractive as it is effective for mid-range temperature applications.
Typical Applications:
Welding blanket and curtains
Expansion joints
High temperature insulation
Heat shield and containment
Removable insulation cover
Safety clothing
Hose Covering
Conveyor Belting
Pipe Wrap
Heat Containment and more
Continuous protection to 600° F (320° C)
Advanced composite made of aramid fiber with fiberglass support
High abrasion resistance
Strength retention
Non irritating
Lightweight and flexible
Strong and durable
Doesn’t shrink from flame

Content/Weave  aramid fiber, fiberglass
 Fabric Finish  Laminated aluminum foil
 Base cloth Weight  12 oz/yd²
 Finished fabric weight  14 oz/yd²
 Thickness  0.0385”
 Base cloth temp resistance  600°F(315°C)
 Aluminum Foil temp resistance  450°F(232°C)
 Adhesive temp resistance  300°F(148°C)
 Size  40”,48”, 60”