40 oz Vermiculite fiberglass fabric and textiles is woven from continuous texturized E-fiberglass yarns, has good chemical and fire resistant. Vermiculite coating improve abrasion resistance, which acts as armor to the fiberglass, providing better resistance to direct flame. Heat travels across the fabric—not through it.
Vermiculite coated fiberglass cloth Typical Applications:
Welding blanket and curtains
Expansion joints
High temperature insulation
Heat shield and containment
Gaskets, oven door seals
Removable insulation cover
Safety clothing

Quick Facts
Content/Weave 100% E-Fiberglass Yarn/Plain
Fabric Finish Vermiculite coated
Weight 40 oz/yd²
Thickness 0.066”
Base cloth Temperature Rating 1000°F(540°C)
Coated cloth Temperature Rating 1500° F • 815° C, 30 mins 1 side
2000° F • 1093° C, transient exposure
Width 40”,60”, 72”
Can be dyed in different colours
Can be stainless steel reinforced
Can be slit or sewn to order